Insurance Regulations

Basic Insurance Plans of Dr. Bushehri Radiology Center's Contracted Insurances

Social Security Insurance / Health Care Insurance / Armed Forces Health Insurance

Banks Under Contract with Dr. Bushehri Radiology Center

Melli Bank / Mellat Bank / Sepah Bank / Tejarat Bank / Saderat Bank / Keshavarzi Bank

Supplementary Insurances of Dr. Bushehri Radiology Center

Mellat Insurance / TejarateNo Insurance / Sarmad Insurance / Karafarin Insurance / Dana Insurance / Pasargad Insurance (only for CBCT) / Atiye Sazan Hafez Insurance

Attention to Valued Visitors

According to the regulations and rules of contracted insurance organizations, the following prescriptions with the following conditions are not acceptable:

  • Tampered
  • Two-line
  • Two_colors
  • Checkmarked
  • Written with red and green pens
  • Without the dentist’s seal and signature
  • Future date
  • Past date (prescriptions are valid for up to one month)
  • Having more than one doctor’s seal
  • Using someone else’s insurance booklet or insurance
  • Paper prescription for health insurance (prescriptions must be issued electronically)


For social security and armed forces insurance, previously issued paper prescriptions are still acceptable.

It is necessary to mention that having a photo ID card is mandatory for Legal physician patients and referred patients from the medical system.