1_ Based on the Deputy for Treatment Circular (No. 400/23543), radiology institutions have been obligated to provide electronic links and CDs (if they do not wish to have radiology films) for images since 1402. In case of a need for radiology prints, the cost will be charged separately (38,000 Iranian Rials per page).

*** Therefore, if you do not require radiology films, please inform the reception before undergoing imaging. ***

2- Calculation of supplementary insurance is only possible with the presentation of a valid identification card.

3- Contractual Insurance Policies

Basic Insurance Policies

  • Social Security, SSO
  • Armed Forces
  • Healthcare (Medical Services)


Bank Insurance

  • Mellat
  • Melli
  • Tejarat
  • Saderat
  • Keshavarz
  • Sepah


Supplementary Insurances

  • Pasargad (CBCT Only)
  • Tajaratno
  • Dana
  • Sarmad
  • Karafarin
  • Mellat
  • Atiyehsazan

***If you have supplementary insurance, please inform the relevant department before admission.***